finally getting better… and can i marry jared leto?

right so i called into work sick AGAIN today. which made me nearly burst into tears but i physically cannot handle speaking much, it’s been kind of a nightmare. i mean, abby & elizabeth were both like “hey you wanna come prom dress shopping with us?” and i’m like sure i’d love to and in the car we were singing and i just kept coughing, i couldn’t even sing ONE song, it was so frustrating. (not that i can sing well normally but it was especially bad).  BUT i feel like i’m getting better, like my head is still fuzzy and i’m still sneezing and coughing and sniffling, BUUUUUUT!! i’m feeling better which is a good thing since tomorrow is going to be long and loaded. photography in the morning until the afternoon then homegroup oh man. that’s a day right there. then earlier today, work called me and was like hey we were wondering if you could go work at the Vernon Hills store friday and saturday because they have some parties and they’re short people. having never set foot in that store before, and not even knowing how to GET to it, i agreed because i knew i was supposed to. they picked me because they know that i know what i’m doing and that’s a compliment i suppose. it’s also an extra work shift, considering i gave my one on thursday night up to go to a cinco de mayo fiesta. ha.


right and to the 2nd part of my post’s title… AHH JARED LETO! (30 seconds to mars for the lame folks out there)

i’ve been addicted to “closer to the edge” ALL DAY today. i don’t even KNOW why but it’s stinkin AMAZING stuff.

so yeah. marry me jared? haha. (i’m totally kidding by the way peeps, don’t worry 😉


also i really want like something super sugary and not good for you. chocolate or something. dude being sick really makes you hungry when you’re getting better O.o


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