welcome to my new blog and my nose is sore.

ohhhhh hi friends!! 🙂

so this is my NEW and EXCITING (yea right) wordpress blog *insert confetti throwing here*

lately i’ve been feeling God speak to me about writing more, getting back in touch with that part of me and well, HAVE a blog, but i’ve wanted to learn and try wordpress for awhile so here we go 🙂  for those wondering, my old blog was http://www.lizziethellama.blogspot.com and i might still post there/refer to things that i wrote about so yeah. i’m not deleting it, just starting new here.

for those who DO NOT know, about 2 months ago, God changed my life forever and i was filled with the Holy Spirit.

barely 3 weeks after that i had moved out and 3 hours away from home to this awesome town called Kenosha, which is right on lake michigan between milwaukee and chicago.

speaking of chicago, on wednesday i will be going to chicago for a photography learning expedition with none other than Brian Cowen himself.

he’s taking myself and another lovely gal and he’s going to teach us the ins and outs of dslr and just basic photography things.  this guy has been my photography hero for almost 3 years now and he sought me out for this, it’s encouraging and makes me think that it’s something God wants me to continue pursuing.

in other news, i’m also going to a new homegroup on wednesday and in the next few months, i have a few concerts planned WAHOO!!

MOST EXCITEDLY!!!!!!!! i’m going to see Hillsong United in Milwaukee on June 13th!! this is a many year dream of mine come true.

then also Disciple, Aaron Gillespie and HOPEFULLY i get to go to Merrilville with the rest of Living Light people. it would be SO GOOD to go.

(Merrillville is a weekend retreat basically of nothing but fellowship, seeking the Lord and worship. a conference in essence)

right, also someone had a word for me sunday for the first time in my life ever, it was a song and as she sang over me, there was freedom and peace

and it was wonderful. it’s SO AMAZING to know that even when i’m not hearing God, other people are and He will speak to them for me.

i love my new family ♥


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