brian cowen photography and i love kids.

it’s been a weird week… at first i was really sick with this nasty bug that just DRAINED me and i had to call in sick to work (which i NEVER do) and then on wednesday, brian cowen of brian cowen photography had asked me to go to Chicago with him to shoot and learn somethings about photography. he let me use his canon 5d and it was just him and i and another gal who has been learning from him and shooting for him, Rebecca Christian.  we were shooting his friends, the Loseys and it was a really great day.  overwhelming, and kind of hard, but definitely good. i learned so much about ISO and which things you want to adjust for different situations, as far as f-stop and aperture and ISO.  once it had gotten dark, we also went around kenosha and attempted a bit of night photography, with flash and without, just learning. even brian said he was learning haha. i honestly felt like holy crap i SUCK at this and i guess once i get the photos on a disc from brian, i’ll be able to see just how much suckiness there is to what i took, even though i had a few shots i was actually really super happy with, one of them being a night shot. honestly i felt like the night shooting was a major fail because capturing what i saw and what actually showed up was not coming together.   i’ll definitely post some of those shots once i get them back…which i currently do not have, but it’ll happen, no worries friends.

then on thursday, brian & lindsey asked if i would babysit the girls while they and rebecca went to something work related, a dinner or something along those lines. and i agreed because dude i love those girls and they like me for some reason so it was an easy choice.  i was supposed to go to a cindo de mayo party which i ended up stopping at towards the very end, but really i had an absolute blast with the girls.  we went to the park by the beach and watched rainbow brite and ate pretzels and laughed a lot.  while we were at the beach i definitely took pictures because, let’s face it, those girls are SO adorable and photogenic. i’ll attempt to post some on here even though i’m still not totally sure how to do that.

she just did this pose all on her own & decided she was ready for her picture to be taken

right well that's about it i think... oh. i got my ticket to see Hillsong United in Milwaukee in the mail today. that made me super encouraged and happy yet kind of sad because i'm very certain i'll be going alone and that makes my heart hurt and also i have an irrational fear of driving, especially in big cities, especially at night, especially especially alone.  i was hoping at least ONE person that i invited would want to and be able to go with me.  ah well, suck it up and move on. i'm going to go and have a wonderful night. even if i get lost. the end.

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