baabs, barley, and restoration.

short recap of the last few days…

–decided to persevere in seeking the Lord, what else can i do really? i might get frustrated but i cannot give up.

i KNOW that going back to my old ways won’t help or satisfy or anything of the sort.  so keeping on, persevering. pressing forward. huzzah.

–i’ve decided to go to Merrilville. provided it’s what the Lord wants and i can find 3 other gals to room with.

my heart wants to go very very much and i am willing to give up going to ignite fest which would mean seeing the almost, switchfoot, skillet, disciple, and others.

–monday morning i went to worship at the school. it was really really great. did i specifically hear from God? no.

did He speak grand things to me? no.

but did i worship Him anyways? yes.

that is the important thing.

–afterwards, i met maggie for coffee at the Daily Dose and i got to walk there from the church building, it was  a gorgeous day.

i love being outside walking on gorgeous days.

she basically demanded i tell her what’s up because she knew something was…oh how to explain these things to people who do not really know me…

it’s hard. but i am glad i am better.

–i’m cat/apartment sitting for a new friend named Mandi. she’s like 10 years older than me and nannys for this family in the church and i came over to hang out and watch a movie, ended up spending the night and agreeing to keep an eye on the cats and house while she’s gone for a day and a half. place to myself yo. when i woke up this morning, i heard the Lord breathe the word “restoration” to my heart.  it has encouraged me and given me hope for this time by myself.  whether anything comes of it or not, i am not concerned with. i am just choosing to seek Him and dig into Romans, and the Word in general. i have tomorrow off work and homegroup but also i’m meeting with laura at some point. oh ps, baabs & barley are the cats…haha i had to make sure i explained the title of my post 🙂

–today. i work at 3:00, and i’m doing a girl scout party so let’s hope and pray i do a good job on that.

then i work til close and have wednesday off. i am very tempted to get all nerved up about my thursday schedule but i am choosing to not worry about it.

God knows what i need and He will work it out for my GOOD.

i just really hate having to coordinate work schedules for 2 jobs when they don’t like to make it easy for me, always trying to schedule me against my availability.

*sigh* someday when i get a real, GOOD, solid job, it will be nice. oyy. i am stressing and i’m done with that.

He brings joy to my life no matter what.


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