i’m posting a lot lately… does that mean i can write again?!!!?

okay so i only JUST realized that i’ve been writing a LOT lately. in my blog, in my journal… all over.

this got me excited.

i think it means my artistic creativity is back.

i was super inspired last night.

i was alone, so i put on worship music, lit candles and sat under the stars singing to my wonderful Savior

at 2:30 a.m. i wasn’t even tired.

homegroup tonight. first night in a new one… i’m intrigued and ready for new things.

women’s worship night on saturday wahoo!

also, my scheduling issues for thursday..all worked out by the wonderful grace of God.

ALSO got clearance from my boss at my one job to take off the entire weekend for the Merrilville conference that

my church does every summer!!!!!!!!  i am so incredibly psyched for this.  God just needs to make it ALL happen.

i know He can.

oh yeah…and my car is CLEAN and and AND!! it’s THUNDERSTORMING.

my heart is so content.

i think i’m going to go see if i can help maggie make dinner since she’s feeling a bit under the weather.

i love this life.

i leave you all with my favorite worship song currently. by robin mark. SO LOVELY. 


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