little girl, little girl

soft sunlight blazing through trees, stretching to the ground where a glorious bed of green sprawls out in every direction, occasional spots of purple, yellow and white mix it up, breathing summer into the surrounding air.

a meadow.

a secret place.

this is where i was taking photos today, learning, exploring, being.

once i understood the camera in my hands, it was easy. move your hand a little to the left, now lift your eyes not your chin.

snap. snap. angle. snap.

so natural. felt SO good.

felt so right.

i kept having this image in my head while we were out at the park during the shoot… of a little girl in a beautiful, light sundress, wandering around as though she was lost, but wandering with purposeful footing. seeking new things, and not finding anything exact.  she was not frustrated though, only peaceful, completely content to soak up the sunshine and LIVE.  and she was singing.  her eyes sparkled.  she was in love you know.  in love with her Father.  delighting in His goodness brought her the greatest pleasure, the most joy.

you could tell when He spoke to her.

she stopped whatever she was doing, and in complete stillness she listened.

not with her ears, with her heart.

oh little girl, little girl, where have you gone?

not all who wander are lost.

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