Hillsong United: aftermath.

Joel Houston of Hillsong United, lost in worship
Hillsong United drummer
Joel Houston on acoustic guitar
me worshipping at the Hillsong United show

Monday, June 13th, I went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to see Hillsong United at the Bradley Center with my dear friend Alyssa Muchka =)

it was an experience just wow. i went with the expectation that God was going to radically show up and meet me there, He had spoken to me

about it previous to the concert and so before i went, i was preparing myself.  i once read a quote that said,

“The failure to prepare soul and mind for worship is to render oneself tone deaf to the things of the spirit”

this is one of the most true things I have learned since living here in Kenosha. yeah Sunday mornings are amazing as far as worship goes and all

but if you aren’t actively seeking God every single day, not JUST Sunday mornings, then everything you do is going to be faded and not ALIVE.

So, going into this concert/worship time I was thinking about all of these things, knowing God had spoken to me about doing something pretty big

during  and because of it, I was not focused on my cell phone, what time it was, how much my body ached, how tired my arms were, I wasn’t focused on getting

good photos, I didn’t even care about the people around me.


It was me. and it was God.

and that was enough.


I walked away from that night SO changed.

it was extremely uncharacteristic of me, but I couldn’t stop singing after we left the venue, the whole way back to Lyssa’s house I was singing,

the whole way back to Kenosha from Milwaukee I was singing and the next morning, I woke up just grinning and singing.

I was singing on the way to work, I was singing AT work, with people around, without people around.

I used to hate my singing voice but my opinion on that has changed. I’m still going to sing and sing out LOUD.


it’s all about the secret place, intimacy with God.




my Jesus? He loves me.


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