from an article i read for the first time today.

This article was Kevin Young, of Disciple, being interviewed about Horseshoes & Handgrenades, their latest album.

this interview totally caught me off guard.

if you know me at all and you read this you will understand.

if you don’t understand, ask me and i will tell you.


In one of your press releases you said that at almost every show you hear stories about people cutting, suicide, etc. Is it emotionally draining hearing such heavy stories night after night?

Kevin: Oh, I don’t know if draining is the right word… I’m mean, it’s emotional; don’t get me wrong. Two weeks ago, we got an email from a girl that was planning out her suicide to the last detail and heard our new CD and gave her life to Christ. I was reading it to the guys and I couldn’t even finish it; I was crying and I was like, “Man, come on, seriously?” I was crying like a little girl, can’t even finish the email. And, I mean, yeah, it’s very emotional… and surreal almost- you kind of fanaticize about hopefully doing something that would impact somebody’s life, as a young person or as a young Christian, your like, “Man I really hope I get to do something that really helps somebody.” 

And then when it happens, it’s very surreal because as a Christian you realize it was really God doing all the work. I wasn’t even there. You know what I mean? I wasn’t even any where near this girl when all this stuff happened. It was her,the Holy Spirit, and God doing everything. So it’s very surreal. And we’re just honored, honestly, and grateful to have been a part of any of those stories.


Kevin didn't know he was going to meet the girl in the article.

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