cover me.

all the days and the nights and times spent with You,

and the strong hope of grace that i safely come to,

trickle down, trickle down from this alabaster jar,

redefine, redefine the beating of my heart.

Merrilville, Indiana. One Church Ministries Conference 2011.

When I agreed with Brian & Lindsey that I would go to the conference, I had no idea what to expect. I mean, Living Light is a pretty passionate & intense church body as it is, but I had no idea.  The week before this conference was super stressful with work and life in general, and then the day before the conference I agreed to ride down to Louisville, Kentucky to pick up Sommer & Harmony from their grandparents… that was a lot of driving haha. Down to Louisville was 6 hours then a time change plus insomnia plus arguing with God equals not sleeping more than 3 hours that night, getting up then driving 4 hours north back to Merrilville, Indiana for the conference. When we arrived at the Radisson Hotel, the sky broke open and just POURED on us.  I was wearing my glasses, I was exhausted and REALLY not ready to enter into the presence of God.  I was wearing a long dress that had been drenched and it was a spaghetti strap so not only was I freezing but i was wet and the dress was heavy and the last thing I wanted was to get into worship. And yet… I made a choice to let God work and give up my inhibitions to Him, and in that moment, He met me there and though I was hesitant and unsure about the whole weekend, He reminded me that He works all things for His GOOD, for *my* good…and I was okay.

Each worship time that weekend felt like an eternity long.  God was speaking SO MANY things to me that just when I thought I couldn’t possibly handle anymore, He overwhelmed me with


//note:// i wrote this ages ago & felt i should post what i have of it, i don’t remember what i was writing & therefore cannot finish it. boo. any questions though, go ahead & leave a comment 🙂


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