top 25 moments of the weekend of epic.

[[ note: not in order of favorite or importance, just a list]]


1. the intense conversations in the car.
2. being persuaded by Kevin to go to the show the 2nd night.
3. church and all that happened there.
4.  hugging and crying during Invisible.
5. singing the last night together & worshipping.
6. hugging. hugging. hugging.
7. that first moment in the airport.
8. stalking FF5.
9. the moment where i totally lost it & Mary hugged me while Kevin got all teary about it.
10. hipster glasses.
11. sitting outside the bus.
12. sitting on the bus.
13. backstage. passes.
14. acoustic show.
15. hanging out behind the signing table.
16. being exhausted yet utterly happy.
17. utter honesty.
18. applebees.
19. my amazing poster.
20. Andrew re-caffeinating Mary.
21. buildabear. “do i REALLY have to wash it??”
22. pineapple.
23. “we’re with the band.”
24. headbanging together.
25. getting lost & finding grace.


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