the butterfly circus.

“A perversion of nature. A man, if you could even call him that, whom God himself has turned His back upon.”

He hears this over and over everyday. Constantly. And then braces himself for the laughing, the shock, the pity, and all the difficulties that come with people. When this is the only truth you’ve ever known, it’s easy to believe it.

The names the world has given us, the names that we have given ourselves, the names that the enemy has used in his lies… why do we believe them? Why do we give them control over our lives? When we allow the world to name us, we take all of the world’s junk and rub it all over ourselves to the point where we are nothing more than dirty, smelly, putrid things. Our identity is lost, and we ourselves cannot find it.

But God has a name for us.


He calls us His child. His son. His daughter. This is our identity.

Somehow, it is easier to believe the lies, no matter how horrendous they are, than it is to believe the truth even though it is so extraordinary. Maybe because it is so extraordinary.

We hear it all. Over and over. Everyday. The world calls us useless and broken. God calls us His.

Which one will we believe?

watch the original short here:


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