it’s like a flood you just can’t contain.

this morning, i woke up at 5am wide awake and then i ended up going and visiting the school of worship in the morning
for the worship time they have and it was incredibly wonderful. i didn’t know why i was going just that i had to go.
i wrote this little blurb on my ipod while there and decided i should share so i’m posting it here.


Visiting the school of worship for awhile today, def for worship in the morning but also I’m staying for exploring worship. Man everything that’s happened this morning and this weekend like God is making it very super clear to me about doing the school. Seriously. Abbi Reed had words and songs, Shelley (sow student) and Marie too. I was talking to Cara yesterday and she told me “when I did the school, I knew everything was going to completely change” and I disqualify myself a lot and now God is asking me if I’m being who I am on my own or who He wants me to be. I was like whoa, didn’t even think of that…. Then I realized or had revelation of the fact that I moved to Kenosha and changed sooo much but not enough, God wants more. He’s telling me He wants to completely destroy any old part of me. Not one small bit is going to remain, just Him and in that He’s going to completely reshape my mind and the way I think and how I live, how I speak, just everything. It’s crazy to me to be getting all these words all of a sudden because I AM hearing Him it’s not like I feel a separation or anything I’m just amazed at how He’s choosing to use other people to speak to me things that are so deep and so “secret” ((not in a bad way)) that I absolutely have to know and believe without a doubt that it’s Him. I’m just kind of in this place where whenever He has recently spoken to me to do things like going to meetings or coming to SOW that I go expecting and not knowing and He shows up so much more than I thought would happen. It’s one small sliver of expectation and ends up being one overwhelmingly huge showing up.


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