Day 7: 10 things you want to say 10 people.

1.  i know this is right and for the best but the words you told me still broke my heart.
i’m trying my best to fight to believe this isn’t goodbye but i’m also not holding my breath.

2. you are just as flakey of a friend as the one you constantly describe as flakey.
or maybe i’m just not good enough for you.

3. i hate that i moved out and left and you just let me without saying anything.

4. i do not want to come home for Christmas because of you.

5. i am not ready to do this. i’m sorry.

6. please please PLEASE let me come to you when i’m ready to talk about stuff, don’t chase me.
it’s made me super careful of WHO i tell because i’m not always ready to talk to anyone about anything.
i have close friends and then i have friends. you’re not in the close friends category and i’m sorry.

7.  you constantly say you miss me but you haven’t tried to visit me once in the last year. not. once.

8. you are supposed to be the older wiser one and yet YOU deleted ME from YOUR facebook.
in reality i don’t care because you just decided to move across the country.
we might be related by blood but we aren’t real family.

9. i hate how you are a friend but only when it’s convenient for you.

10. i am NOT the previous girl you knew. PLEASE stop thinking and treating me like i am!!


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