give me nights of solitude, red wine just a glass or two.

i always write so much more in the cold wintery months.

why is that?

oh yeah, because at least in the warmer months i can go for walks with my ipod or hang out at the lake
and even though i’m not with anyone, it’s still better than being alone with my thoughts inside my house
for hours on end.  i guess winter is when i remember how much i love DIY projects and writing and soon
enough i’ll have my music to work on again. i keep telling myself one month isn’t too long, not too long
at all.   why is winter always the worst? i’m thoroughly convinced it has to do with the fact that the cold
makes us in fact so much more homebodies.  this year, though i haven’t had time to go yet due to work
(holiday is such a crazy time i don’t know what i was thinking!) i did indeed join a gym which shall
hopefully prove lovely in the coming weeks & months.  i’ve already lost weight since moving to Kenosha
and not done much differently in my life aside from the types of things i eat i suppose…. yeah i’m not really
sure what triggered the change 😛 i have a few goals to even start working on before the year is over…. let’s
list them since this is my blog and i can do whatever i want!!

1.  be going to the gym minimum of 2x a week.
there is no reason why i shouldn’t be able to do this.

2.  read at least 1 new book a month in 2012.
i’m technically starting this now since i’ve begun reading pride & prejudice which
NO i have not read yet! i know right?? missing out! (looove the movie!!)

3.  become more of a DIY-er. alls i want for Christmas is a sewing machine! seriously!!

4. try more types of alcohol.
no, i’m not a super conservative Christian type and no i’m not an alcoholic either…but i DO
wish to try new liquors and such.  i’m 21 after all and i pretty much never even drink.

5.  get another tattoo.  this one is a pretty big maybe because i would have to know exactly what
i want and considering my first took me FOREVER to decide (thanks to Jen for helping me with that)…
well it would be tough.


and thus concludes my random blog post!!
(i never claimed to be a good writer btw)


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