circumcision of the heart.

tonight was V&C (my church’s vision and commitment class) and the teaching was on Water Baptism.

so amazing.


now let me explain… i’ve been going to church since i was born, and i was infant baptized in a lutheran church when
i was itty bitty and then we switched to a baptist church where i was raised and at the age of 9 years old i was baptized
again, because i wanted to be and i knew i was born again… but from then until one year ago, my life did not reflect that
and i’ve questioned if i was even born again to begin with… but that’s a discussion for another time. if you ask me when
i truly got born again i will say one year ago when i got filled with the Holy Spirit. that is when i believe my life TRULY
and RADICALLY changed.  i can actually say i know God now, i don’t just know about Him.

soooo Tim was teaching tonight on water baptism and if you go to:

you can listen and view what i’m talking about!
well, Tim got to the part about circumcision of the heart and being a new creation in Christ
and i just KNEW that i had to do it. let everything from the past die in that water with my old self
and rise completely new.

i’m getting water baptized on Sunday. 


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