it’s time.

i think maybe it’s time.
get a real job.
go back and finish college.
become the person everyone expected me to end up.

it feels like the weight of everyone’s expectations is crushing me.
i don’t even have my own dream.

so i will do the only thing i can do.

what everyone expects of me.



you know how it feels?
when God is closing in on you.
it’s not that you’ve avoided Him on purpose,
but you have work and things of life and it’s not like
you don’t talk to Him… or listen either.

but sometimes, it’s like a slave and his or her master.
which, i suppose is a pretty exact comparison of the situation…
but when the Master bids come, the slave runs.
there is always hesitancy because you cannot fully know the mind of the One
beckoning you….but there is simultaneously always longing…you want to be with
Him as much, dare you think MORE than He wants to be with you.

still, there is hesitation.
you’re not sure why.
you know you’ll go eventually.
you can’t resist very long.
so very weak without His strength.

it’s okay to collapse.
He’s holding you.