potential cynical.

Sometimes you grow up.
And get a real job.
And say goodbye to friendships.
And start to understand what it means to be an adult.

Things look different as “an adult”
Hanging out with people is a social expectation and the purpose is not fun but duty.
Others your age will be in relationships and you won’t be and it will be awkward and weird for you because their are two groups of people your age who are also single. 

The first group wants nothing to do with you.
You’re not “cool” enough, “trendy” enough, “interesting” enough, attractive enough.

The second group is your friends. Or rather, the people you “get together” with as a social expectation. They typically also have been rejected by the other group of people your age and do their own thing “independently” because they’re excluded.

And then, of course, you’re still expected to maintain friendships with the people your age who are dating/engaged/married…even though those people don’t really care at what your life is about, it’s just expected to have dinners and get togethers and things of that nature, because, of course, societal expectations.


Maybe I’m just cynical…but adulthood sucks.


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