i want a sewing machine.

it is officially fall.

and with the season of fall comes my obsession for all things handmade and crafty. not only that but my muse springs forth coming alive like a flower blossoming in the dews of spring. i think more, i write more, i want to DO more.  fall is hands down my favourite season.

i’m thinking of starting a lifestyle blog, not solely a blog for writing, i will always write.
i’m thinking…something more professional where i can have readers and do give-aways and fun things like that.
…it’s an idea i’ve been tossing around, who knows. i’ll need to brainstorm.



i’m craving the creating.
i’ve got some yarn my fingers are itching to touch and i have plans for so much.
i haven’t had my first pumpkin spice latte yet from Starbucks so i don’t feel like it’s OFFICIALLY fall….
(that and the weather just won’t give up on the humidity!!)

at work the other day i made a list of 20 reasons why i can’t wait for fall (okay so this was a few weeks ago….)
but today, i was able to share them with my favourite co-worker and we were chatting for a good 20-30 minutes about how wonderful and glorious fall is. as a matter of fact, i created a Pinboard on Pinterest labeled “beautiful, luxurious fall” and that is exactly how i feel about it.

expect more posts soon! i’m sure i’ll be into it like no other very shortly!! 🙂


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