Autumn Melodies (my week in photos)


made my mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade gluten free egg noodles. yum! the perfect cure for my nasty cold.


made homemade chicken enchiladas with one of my besties, Cara Lehr and then geeked out over a Star Wars documentary


did a photoshoot with this babe


Cara is utterly stunning.


today (Sunday) i went for a super long hike deep through the woods of Pets Park in Kenosha, WI with some lovely people. we got to enjoy the incredible majesty of God’s creation while feeling like mountain men. much laughter was had and many jokes made. a perfect day.
setting off on our adventure, marveling at the vibrance.
much laughter was had… oh the quirkiness.
shenanigans were a natural part of the day.
such a stunning view every step of the way.
we climbed up high to overlook the river
amanda was there reminding us to take time to stop and appreciate everything, to not dull ourselves to how incredible it was to be in the woods

“my leaf pile is bigger than your leaf pile!”


i happened across a strange array posed precariously on a log…
i still swear they were trying to form a folk band.