the weekend Wisconsin became Seattle.

it has literally been cold and rainy for the last like 4 days.
that is why this is the weekend Wisconsin became Seattle.
now…let me throw in a disclaimer: i do not mind rain. at all.
however, since i wear glasses much of the time now, i really hate when they get water spots on them.

alright so this weekend i took MORE photos (yay photos!) and spent time with really lovely people.
Friday evening, i was invited to a bonfire which ended up being mostly all School of Worship students and that was fine because i know several of them and now i know several more.  the day prior (Thursday) my friend Sarah J came down from the Twin Cities and then on Saturday, my friend Sarah F came up from Illinois and we did fun friend things. we watched Sherlock and Doctor Who, had an insane breakfast at Frank’s Diner, took cold photos in the rain by the lake, laughed more than we talked and ate delicious chocolate chip cookies that Sarah F made special for us, Sarah F only stayed the day but that was alright, some time is better than none! Sunday morning we were up bright and early for the church meeting and i was just super excited about it. Myself and a few other friends had been in prayer over whether or not i ought go to Pleasant Prairie or Kenosha that morning and i wasn’t sure, didn’t know didn’t know and then i woke up, saw a text from a friend and knew i was going to Kenosha.  the time was very significant and i know i made the correct decision. after the meeting, Sarah J and i met up with Cara and we had a very fun lunch at Chili’s before Sarah had to get packed up and start her 7 1/2 hour journey back to Minnesota.  i wasn’t home long when 2 other good friends got out of their car and before i knew it, we were loaded into Brian and Lindsey’s van and on our way to what i would consider an adult-size Chuck-E-Cheese in Milwaukee…it was a blast. it was Harmony’s birthday today and letting her run and run for hours while playing with other kids…there really was no better present she could have gotten, not at her age.  the whole way back to Kenosha was filled with the kind of discussions i absolutely adore having, about the things of God and the spiritual realms we can’t even really fully imagine.  stories were swapped and many experiences shared, all in all i would say it was an incredibly full and beautiful weekend.  i really honestly can say that my life is SO FULL right now, i can’t get over how beautiful it really is. maybe i’m not in a relationship and maybe i don’t get to see my blood relatives as often as i would like, but i AM surrounded by beauty, even in a dreary, moist, Seattle-like setting.  now the REAL points of interest i know everyone is dying to see… (yeah yeah i’ll shut up now) the PHOTOS!!!


bonfire && s’mores. [photo cred to Malin]
Sarah and Sarah.
(aka: Morrie and Gappy)


oh yeah…and i got a new style cut done to my hair




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