beautifully faithful.

“catch the sound of my name and i start to wonder,
just how long i’ve been asleep.
You say it’s time, time to rise, wake from all this slumber.
suddenly my deepest winter’s turning into spring, turning into spring”
-Scott Krippayne  ‘Alive Again’
sometimes when i’m afraid, i find it extremely easy to dismiss what God is truly speaking to me, to my heart.
this is how it works: God speaks something to me, i receive it and then try to “take care” of it in my own strength.
somehow my pride determines that it’s up to me to make what God spoke come to pass. (since when was it ever up to me??)
then, nothing works out that i attempt and i give in to the terrifying anxiety and fear. it overwhelms me.
i do not sleep properly. my eating patterns become sporadic. i wake up one morning and i’m trapped in the pit of depression.
the enemy shouts lies at me…and i readily believe them.

but then…. God yanks me out of it. He always does.


what God spoke to me in the beginning came to pass.
and everything worked out beautifully.
it is continuing to work out beautifully.
He is more faithful.

so now what? i have been thrust into a brand new place of life– a crisp season overflowing with new fragrance.
and what of God?

well…. He has been speaking to me –even still.
His promises i cling to.

…even more chains being broken.
…building of strength.
…intimacy with Him.
…radiant light.

He is SO faithful.



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