Dreaming in the New Year

Like most twenty-somethings, I have new year resolutions. Unlike most twenty-somethings, this year I opted not to stay up late making a list for 2015. Firstly, I have been fighting off a pretty nasty cold for nearly a week now and secondly, late nights often find me in tears and angst and so I’ve become something of an advocate for early bedtimes and…yes… MORNINGS.

Therefore, this brand new YEAR, unlike every other year I’ve lived through previously, I decided to take January 1 to set goals and make plans. 2014 is officially gone forever and I am ready to breathe new, to start new, to plan new. Last night about 10:30 I snuggled under my blankets with my favorite pillow and decided to lie there, letting my mind dream for the three hundred and sixty five days ahead.

Many of you reading this post will wonder why I’m not sharing that personal list here, or why I’ve not already detailed a bullet-point plan for your viewing.  The answer is fairly simple– my goals have nothing to do with you, the reader, and yet– they have everything to do with you. If my new resolve does not leave me loving people better, learning more and breathing deeper, then what good is any sort of resolve for change? My other reason for not sharing this year is because I believe anyone who wants to make a change needs to soul-search and open their heart for the idea of changes that are personal, not what some blog type is telling you needs changing.

So here I sit, cross-legged on my 1940’s sewing chair at my pearl-white and gold desk, behind a blinking cursor telling you these three things about the new year:

First:  you are so ALIVE.
it’s easy to get caught up in the corporate-American-dream-trap and find yourself another year old with more possessions and no sense of breathing or purpose. I’m telling you there is a reason to keep living. I’m telling you there is hope for better things. His name is Jesus and I’m not going to get all stereo-typical Christian blog on you, but I will say this– He is real and He loves you. Exactly as you are. He wants to be your friend and know you, He wants you to be His friend and know Him. the adventure of life only begins when you choose to die and let Him give you rebirth. why not start off 2015 right and get to know Him?

Second: make some GOALS.
no seriously. grab a piece of paper and write down (AT LEAST) 3 things you want to do this year. make sure you pick something relational, something physical and something mental. more than three are, of course, welcome, but don’t pick so many that you lose track and give up after six weeks. maybe this is the year to finally run a 5k or to devour that classic novel you’ve always had your eye on, but never made time to read. make some resolutions and then DO them! grab a friend, get accountable and get ready to conquer 2015.

Lastly: get off your computer. put down your phone. GET AWAY FROM YOUR ELECTRONIC SCREENS.
as much as I adore my iphone and I love my laptop for their abilities to keep in touch with people, I have also learned in the last year that the highlight reel of our Facebook pages and Instagram accounts only make us feel more isolated and excluded from reality.  you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to notice the effects on our culture. anywhere you go is full of humans, lost in their own translation of words. I believe that, as a race, humans have forgotten how to properly interact with each other. do we really remember what it’s like to share an evening of intimate conversation with a good friend? no, we’ve mostly lost that. when someone comes into your life and shatters your ‘expectations’ (read: social media expectation) of what a friendship or relationship should be like, we run the opposite direction in fear. so that is my final challenge to you this year, put down your phone, close your laptop and turn off your television. our breath is for so much more than just breathing.


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